SPECTO-Measuring ICT Skills

ICDL Administration System (IAS)

Specto IAS is a web – based application that handles all day-to–day operational issues from end –to-end, starting from the time a center submits an application to become ICDL accredited till candidates sit for the ICDL exams and have their certificates printed.

Specto IAS securely automates all issues related to the operation of the ECDL/ICDL program at the National Operator, country and center levels. The dynamic nature of the ICDL program necessitates the IAS application, which handles changes applied to the program whether it is a change of supplier, Syllabus version, or requirements. The IAS guarantees all data and results are maintained irrespective of changes. Specto IAS applies all the Quality Assurance Standards set by the ECDL Foundation automatically, greatly reduces manpower needed to manage the ICDL operation, and ensures efficiency and timeliness of operation. Specto IAS is seamlessly integrated with Specto ATS to ensure a comprehensive and reliable automated testing solution. It can also be integrated with other administration systems smoothly.

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