ICDL For Individuals


The ability to use a computer effectively is an essential life skill. Computer skills enable people of all ages to understand and use technology to improve their personal and professional lives. Certified computer skills can help the holder's professional life by making them more attractive to employers, while increasing their ability to communicate and access information and services in their personal life.

ICDL can help you communicate, connect, and interact with others

  • Communicate with friends and family
  • Connect with virtual communities of like-minded people through, for example, web browsing, email, or blogs
  • Interact using online technologies for example, Instant Messaging, webcams or online education and entertainment

Computer skills enable you to access a range of information and services that can simplify your life and save time:

  • E-shopping enables you to make purchases online and shop around for the best value
  • E-banking allows you to manage your accounts and pay bills without waiting in line
  • Online government services are convenient for sending forms, dealing with officials, and finding out information
  • The ability to access news, information, and entertainment keeps you up to date with what is going on in the world
ECDL Foundation's certification programmes enable you to acquire computer skills and knowledge, and to provide proof of these skills, as well as providing you with the satisfaction of achieving a high-quality and internationally recognised standard.
ECDL Foundation's certification programmes are vendor neutral so you can train and test your skills using a variety of software applications. The range of programmes offered means that you can find the right option for your skill level, whether you are a complete beginner, already have basic knowledge but want to become a fully competent user of computers and standard applications, or develop advanced skills in the use of computer applications.